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Yay! I’ve reached my 50th story on Medium. Of these more than 80% of them have been published in different publications. Here’s a full list of them:

There’s a reason why I did not send the remainder to publications. I am generally an impatient guy. If something doesn’t get done ASAP, I blow my top.

I expect that if I send in my story to a publication it will be seen and accepted — or rejected — within 24 hours. Once the 24 hour moratorium has passed, I withdraw the story from the publication and self-publish.

I don’t care for…

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  1. LAUGH
  4. LIFE



We came with nothing, we go with nothing

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I have never understood this mad hunger for material goods in life. What’s the big deal? Will you be born clutching $100 bills in your hand? Are you going to take anything with you when you die?


Then why stress? Take a leaf from the rickshaw-puller in Calcutta. After ferrying two passengers he crawls under his rickshaw to escape the heat and sleeps off. His logic is very clear. As long as he has made 100 rupees ($1.34) his needs are fulfilled for the day. He will start afresh tomorrow to make the same amount.

Be like the rickshaw-puller…

Can someone please try to answer these questions?

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OK, smart Medium readers, here’s your chance to shine.

If you can tell me convincing answers to ALL the questions below, you will receive a hundred ($100) dollar bill from me. Yup, you do not have double vision. You are not dreaming. You are reading it correctly.

It is regarded as a sign of weakness!

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I am one of those guys who find it difficult to say “NO” when someone asks me a favour. Many times the favour may be unreasonable or downright illegal.

Why do so many people ask me to do things that I do not want to do?

Simply because I smile when I meet people.

Smile at hypochondriacs and malingerers in the clinic and they immediately take it as an opportunity to make me sign their insurance papers or medical certificates and claim benefits.

Smiling at students in a class is a clear signal for my students to ask for grace…

In all probability, YES

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I am terribly sorry to go back to the much debated pandemic, but there are so many unanswered questions troubling my mind, and yours, I am sure.

Last November I received a What’s App message regarding the pandemic. That’s not a big deal — we have all been receiving these messages since the pandemic began. But this message simply had the title “Was the Pandemic Planned?” followed by this link:

Full details are given in the link. Everyone knows about these facts including the fact that USA paid 3.7 …

If COVID 19 is here to stay, can the Chinese be far away

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Donald Trump squarely blames China for the pandemic. But the ex-leader of the so-called most powerful nation in the world is powerless against an invisible enemy sent with lots of love all the way from China. His successor is no better.

Scott Morrison of Australia did the same but has toned down his rhetoric now. So have the leaders of Germany, France and the UK. There was a time when lawsuits worth billions of dollars were planned against the Chinese Government. What’s happened to them now? We do not hear a peep from President Macron or Chancellor Angela Merkel on…

How to lead a healthy and happy retired life

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I find these habits extremely useful. Hope you do too.

1. Live with a sense of urgency

Successful retirees don’t treat life as if it goes on forever. They recognize that their time is limited and they greet each new day with a sense of urgency.

“You must realize that one day you will die. Until then you are worthless.” — Chuck Palahniuk

2. Take risks

We spend a lot of life trying to minimize risks. We wear seatbelts, buy insurance and otherwise try to build a moat around our lives. Successful people recognize that a worthwhile life can’t be lived solely within the castle walls. …

An extraordinary tale of dedication and hard work

Mr. Hamilton Naki

This is Mr. Hamilton Naki. He is South Africa’s first and only illiterate and unqualified surgeon from Cape Town who was awarded the honorary degree of Master of Medicine by Cape Town Medical University. This is the same University where the world’s first heart transplant operation took place.

One morning in 2003, the world-renowned surgeon Professor David Dent announced in the university auditorium: “Today we are awarding an honorary degree in medicine to the man who has produced the most surgeons in the world, who is an extraordinary teacher, an amazing surgeon, and who studied medical science and surprised…

Find out why…………..

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Have you ever got the rush of joy or excitement when you hear your favourite song on the radio? How about when you eat a delicious meal? Or have sex?

The chemical that creates that reaction in your brain is dopamine. Dopamine is the “feel-good” neurotransmitter, causing a rush of good feelings when you do something exciting or rewarding. This rush can be intoxicating, leading to a desire to continue whatever activities caused it.

Ranjan Vee MD, FRCOG, MBA

Gynecologist and life counsellor. Life never ceases to amaze me. Surprise me with more at mdmrcog@gmail.com. Email line open 24 hours.

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